Value Added Services

Reconciliation & Settlement

Streamline Financial Transactions with Automated Reconciliation.

The Reconciliation & Settlements solution is an automated tool for increasing the accuracy of financial transaction processing across channels such as ATMs, POS, eCommerce, Mobile Banking and more

Key Benefits

  • Time and manpower savings
  • Increased Reliability and Productivity
  • Quick resolution of mismatched transactions
  • One Solution for all reconciliation and settlement needs
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Complete financial management on a single platform. Our payout solution gives you a centralised dashboard to manage all payouts

Key Benefits

  • With a single click, you can authorise multiple payouts such as vendor invoices, employee salaries, and customer payouts from any location
  • Raise, Approve and Authorise Purchase Orders and Invoices
  • You can upload and pay invoices in bulk
  • You will have complete control with user access management and maker/checker capabilities
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Utility Bill Payments

You can pay for various bill payment and recharges. Pay all utility bills across geographies with a single click using any payment instrument

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive Payment Coverage
  • Multi-Channel Accessibility
  • Payment Automation
  • Multi-Currency Support
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Business Dashboard

A unified Dashboard View along with all payment information. View data such as your Payments Volume, Transactions, and the distribution of your payments across payment methods (Cards, Wallets, etc.) and platforms (Web, App), among other features. You can analyse this data by hours, days, weeks, or months over any period since your first transaction with airpay

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Business Insights

Prepare for your next business move. The Business Insights Platform will process the relevant data sets and ask relevant questions to determine your next business move with precision. Look into the resources listed below

Key Benefits

  • Payments Report
  • Performance Insights
  • Customer Experience
  • Data Analytics
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Dynamic Currency Conversion offers your international customers the choice to pay in their home currency, potentially retaining your customers and boosting your profits

Key Benefits

  • Multi-Currency Payment Acceptance
  • Real-Time Currency Conversion
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Revenue Optimisation
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Split Payments

Easily divide bills, costs, and purchases among multiple parties for seamless financial collaboration

Key Benefits

  • Ideal for marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, etc
  • Multi-Channel Integration
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Customisable Splitting Rules
  • Automated Settlement
  • Real-Time Notifications
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NFC Payments

Accept payments with Apple pay, Samsung pay and other payment options

Key Benefits

  • Multi-platform Support
  • Contactless Payments
  • Multi-currency Support
  • Integration Flexibility
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Risk and AML

Use the airpay Risk & AML solution to safeguard your organisation from financial crime by monitoring, detecting, alerting, minimising, and avoiding risk

Key Benefits

  • Meets regulatory standards
  • Enhances risk mitigation
  • Optimises the compliance process
  • Psychological profiling
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